Pregnancy Update #2

Hey guys, so I thought I would make another pregnancy update but instead of having a long blog post of what I have been up to and how I have been feeling etc. I thought I would do a photo update and show you what I look like now these photo’s were taken at 25 weeks so this was last week, I hope you enjoy.

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Pregnancy Update #1

Hello everyone so I am back with another blog post and you may have read my previous blog post about my big news of my being pregnant, and my boyfriend and myself are so excited. well I showed you the scan photo’s from 12 weeks and 20 weeks and Told you that we were going to have a Little Baby BOY!
Did I mention that we choose the name? Well we both choose the name Theo, Theo is My boyfriends favourite football player (Theo Walcott) From Arsenal and England I think?
I thought I would do a little blog post about what I have been through over the past 26 and half weeks of pregnancy.
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Hello everyone so Today I thought I would write you a blog post about something very exciting. You may already know if you are Subscribed to my youtube channel or follow me on Instagram (@sophiegoodswin) etc.
Well August 30th I found out I was expecting a baby 🙂 Yep that’s right a baby, My boyfriend (Paul) and Myself are going to be having a baby. Can you believe it?
On the 18th December 2015 we both found out it was going to be a Boy and we have decided to name him Theo James Akehurst. Theo is going to be his first name which is after my boyfriends favourite football player Theo Walcott, James for the Middle Name so he can have the nickname TJ, and finally Akehurst which is my boyfriends last name. I think this is such a cute and adorable name.
As of today exactly I am 23 weeks in which is so scary to think it around 4 months time Theo will be here but Also super exciting.
Here are the few Scan Photos that I have (I have two, one from the 12 week scan and one from the 20 week scan)

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