Theo’s 2nd Birthday

Hey sorry this blog post has taken a few weeks to be written but I’ve had a stressful month so I haven’t really had the time but now with 5 minutes to write a post I thought I would take the opportunity to tell you about Theo’s 2nd Birthday……

The night before Theo’s birthday I had to wrap the last of his presents and blew up a few Birthday boy balloons ready for the Morning.

IMG_1899This was the presents that were from mummy and Daddy Ready and all Set for the birthday boys day.

In the morning we got up and Theo came downstairs and started to play with balloons


And as I write this Blog post (27/05/18) a few of these balloons are still up and Theo is still playing with them now.

He then Started to open some of his present and here is a few pictures of Theo opening his presents. I think one of his favourite presents he got from Mummy and Daddy was the Microwave.

After Theo opened all his presents at home it was time to go to nanny and granddads house, On the way there we Continue reading


Can’t believe he will be two!

Hello everyone. Sorry I haven’t been around much but you know how it is. Mummy life. With having something climb on you constantly lol.

I want to do a few blog posts about the previous year but I thought. I would do this one first.

Theo my little monkey is going to be two tomorrow. Where has the time gone. It only feels like a few months ago he was just born.

His already been spoilt this week. Having a party at the children’s centre (we go every Wednesday) with Singing, music, cake, food and friends.

Then Thursday this week at gardening which Continue reading