Theo’s 2nd Birthday

Hey sorry this blog post has taken a few weeks to be written but I’ve had a stressful month so I haven’t really had the time but now with 5 minutes to write a post I thought I would take the opportunity to tell you about Theo’s 2nd Birthday……

The night before Theo’s birthday I had to wrap the last of his presents and blew up a few Birthday boy balloons ready for the Morning.

IMG_1899This was the presents that were from mummy and Daddy Ready and all Set for the birthday boys day.

In the morning we got up and Theo came downstairs and started to play with balloons


And as I write this Blog post (27/05/18) a few of these balloons are still up and Theo is still playing with them now.

He then Started to open some of his present and here is a few pictures of Theo opening his presents. I think one of his favourite presents he got from Mummy and Daddy was the Microwave.

After Theo opened all his presents at home it was time to go to nanny and granddads house, On the way there we Continue reading


Can’t believe he will be two!

Hello everyone. Sorry I haven’t been around much but you know how it is. Mummy life. With having something climb on you constantly lol.

I want to do a few blog posts about the previous year but I thought. I would do this one first.

Theo my little monkey is going to be two tomorrow. Where has the time gone. It only feels like a few months ago he was just born.

His already been spoilt this week. Having a party at the children’s centre (we go every Wednesday) with Singing, music, cake, food and friends.

Then Thursday this week at gardening which Continue reading

Pregnancy Cravings!

Hello everyone, well today I thought I would talk about my pregnancy cravings….. is this a good topic to cover? I have No idea but I am anyway haha.

While being pregnant, I wouldn’t really say i have had many pregnancy cravings infact its the complete opposite, I’ve just not felt like eating and just felt either full or sick or both after 2 mouthfuls. Has anyone else noticed that this can happen? One thing that I have been put off completely is Baked Beans…. The thought of them just makes me want to vomit!

I always thought I would get all the weird cravings like my mother did when she was pregnant with me and my brother (Eating Coal, Sucking Dolls hair).

Over the Whole pregnancy I’ve had only two cravings that Continue reading

Pregnancy update #5 – Scan Photo’s

Today’s Blog post is going to be more of a relaxed post, I wanted to show you all the Scan photo’s that I have got through out my pregnancy. The reason that I am doing this blog post while still pregnant as I don’t think I will be getting anymore Scan photo’s.
The last time I got a Scan photo, you could only see his head and two hands and the lady doing the scan told me that this would probably be the last one as he is a little to big now and that was at 31 weeks!
Pregnancy update - scan photo's
Here are my scan photo’s I have three altogether one from 12 weeks, one from 20 weeks and one from 31 weeks, I hope you enjoy:

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Pregnancy Update #4

I have wanted to make another blog post for a while but Not really had the thought’s or idea’s of what to write about, especially considering I am uploading a video every single day on my YouTube channel at the moment. However I wanted to keep going with my blog because when I do make a good blog post and I look back at them, I am honestly Very proud of myself. To be honest I find Spelling and writing very difficult but that will never stop me from doing something I love…….. Anyway that went on for a bit longer than I thought it would.
I wanted to make another Pregnancy update post, I am not really sure how many more there will be considering today as I write this I am 34 +1 (wow that’s scary and coming very fast). At 31 weeks so around 3 weeks ago now I had a growth scan to see how Paul’s and My little baby boy was doing. When I went into the scan room it was all good and I got to see Little Theo again which I always love, I was in the scan room for around 20 minutes I would guess But I have honestly no idea how long I was in there for. They did all the check’s to make sure that everything is okay and going well (Which you will be pleased to know it is).

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Pregnancy Update #3

Pregnancy Update #3

So Yesterday was the mark of my pregnancy at 29 weeks! Wow Really where has the time gone? I remember thinking in December that I have months and months to go before I give birth and finally meet Theo Face to Face. Come January (and more so This month) It feels like their’s no time at all left of my being pregnant! What? Really? I only have 2 months and a bit to go and that sounds insane to me, Honestly I am so scared about giving birth, I am worried about everything too Such as will my boyfriend leave me, Will Theo (the baby) be Alright, How do I change his clothes, Feed him, Put him to bed safely? saying all this I am so happy and excited that I really could burst but as I just said Everything in my head goes around and around and around. Will and is he okay at the moment? Why Are you not moving and kicking me all the time for? Will you be okay after giving birth? Arghhh! So much to think about.

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