Pregnancy Cravings!

Hello everyone, well today I thought I would talk about my pregnancy cravings….. is this a good topic to cover? I have No idea but I am anyway haha.

While being pregnant, I wouldn’t really say i have had many pregnancy cravings infact its the complete opposite, I’ve just not felt like eating and just felt either full or sick or both after 2 mouthfuls. Has anyone else noticed that this can happen? One thing that I have been put off completely is Baked Beans…. The thought of them just makes me want to vomit!

I always thought I would get all the weird cravings like my mother did when she was pregnant with me and my brother (Eating Coal, Sucking Dolls hair).

Over the Whole pregnancy I’ve had only two cravings that I can say are cravings one is a food and the other not so much but still something that I used to eat and used to do a lot but over the pregnancy Its become something I have to do!
One is Big Mac Burgers, I just couldn’t get enough of them and at one meal could quite happily eat 2 of them!  I would eat them about 3 times a week, they do taste so good and I have no idea why I craved them but That’s all I wanted to eat!


The other craving I’m going to talk about is sponges! yes you heard me right, sponges! I used to get a sponge and drown in in cold water and would chew bits of sponges in my mouth with water in, I also used to get very tiny bits and swallow them. Is this a weird one? I googled about this during pregnancy and apparently it’s a very comment craving to get.


What Cravings did you or your partner get while pregnant?


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