Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to my first post on here, this new blog. Mummy and More is exactly what I want it to say and what I want this blog and all other social media platforms to be about.

I’m a Mummy to our son Theo, His a little cheeky monkey and the post beautifulist (Is that a word?) person in the world. Anyway. I want this blog to mainly be about being a mummy, so you will see post’s such as meal plans, days out, tips and tricks, favourites and disappointed baby/mummy products, Maybe even my giving birth experience.

Mummy and More is much more than just a blog on a few levels,

1: I have also a youtube channel, Twitter, Facebook page and Instagram all with the same name.

2: I want it to be a community, with lots of interaction through comments and other social media (Stated above)

I will be doing my about me page soon but in the mean time I probably should let you all know my name is Sophie (Hi everyone I’m Sophie) (Wow sounds like an AA Meeting lol) Here is a picture of our family


In this picture is My Husband Paul, Me Sophie and Our beautiful son Theo.

I hope you will all get behind this blog and this will be a great place.



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